Why a dedicated server hosting ? What’s the advantage?

bullet-checkmark  You own the server. You can pretty much do what you want on it as if it’s your own personal computer.

bullet-checkmark  You won’t be affected by other users because you are the only one using the server.

bullet-checkmark  You can install third party scripts on the server. You can’t do so for a shared server.

bullet-checkmark  You can tweak the server in a way that is best suited for your own site. For instance, you may have some security concerns but you can’t make changes to the configuration in a shared server. In a dedicated environment, you can configure the system any way you like.

bullet-checkmark  For sure, you get a boost in performance when you move your site to a dedicated server. Now, all the computing resources are for your use only. In a shared environment, the same machine is shared by hundreds of sites. So that affects performance.

bullet-checkmark  As you can configure the server in a way that suits your site, you can be sure that performance will become a lot more reliable. Web visitors will notice the improvement in performance and they will enjoy spending more time on your web page.

bullet-checkmark  You can use your dedicated server to store huge files. Great files made available for download are generally frowned upon in a shared environment. If you need too a great number of these files, your account may be suspended. This can never happen on a dedicated server. You can upload big files for your visitors to download directly.

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